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THE Aymara and Quechua of the Altiplano wear bright jackets with elaborate decorated lapels. The women generally wear a dark coloured skirt
TO protect against the bright sunlight at this high altitude of 12,000 - 14,000 ft, they wear brimmed felt hats and underneath for warmth a woolen intricately knitted Chullo.
Language + culture
Learn Spanish and culture at Maryknoll in Cochabamba
Smallholder farmers of the Ayllu Aransaya are playing the Quena, summer season, february 2013
EXCEPT for the Bombo, the big drum, the Quena flutes are made by the players from tropical wood. The wood has a natural hollow core. The Siku flute (pan flute) is made from sugar cane.
THE instrumentation is seasonal.
•  Spring planting season: Quena & Bombo
•  Summer growing season: Quena only
•  Fall harvest season: Siku & Bombo