Human Family in Christ
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Canadian Registered Charity, Canadian Revenue Agency Nº 89333 7568 RR0001.
About us
The Hermanas Maestras de Santa Dorotea in Cochabamba are responsible for the Programa Sagrada Familia on their property in Colcapirhua. Hermana Cecilia Nogales directs the program.
The 150 mothers and 500 children from 0 to 13 are from marginal areas of Cochabamba. They are divided into 4 groups. About 80% of the mothers live without a husband and every day face the challenge to have food on the table. The majority works occasionally.
Health care
The children receive a continuous follow up of medical and dental attention. In some cases it is required that the child receives specialist attention in Hospital Cuschieri.
This program includes a monthly donation of dry foods with a high nutritional value such as  milk powder, beans, quinua. These are too expensive for the mothers to afford.
School supplies
Each child is given the necessary school supplies to achieve the best results at school.
Education for the mothers
This program is based on integrated training – moral teachings, health care, reading and writing, workshops for sewing, dress making, weaving and pastry making. In addition we have a micro loan program. It teaches the mothers how to use money. The majority comes from rural areas, they do not have the experience for life in the city.
Group activities
Each mother shares responsibilities: cooking, cleaning, buying food, watching the gate.
They learn to give and not only to receive.
Children’s activities
The program offers the children help with their homework, music lessons, drawing and leasure activities.
Sponsoring a child costs $200 per year.